Our Approach


optimizing return on education for working professionals

Meteor Learning’s comprehensive suite of tech-enabled services align post-secondary degrees with workforce requirements to optimize return on education for working professionals.  

We invest in and partner with high-quality post-secondary institutions to launch and support workforce-aligned degrees. Input from the company’s dedicated employer partnerships, combined with deep expertise in competency-based online learning generates high market demand programs focused on closing skills gaps. 

Meteor Learning Suite of Services

Strategic Market Assessments 

We work with employers to identify workforce trends and skills gaps in large and growing markets. We then develop a degree portfolio strategy for partner institutions that leverages brand and expertise to build enrollments and drive new revenue streams in response to employers’ needs. We focus on high-quality programs in business, IT, healthcare and education for working professionals seeking to advance their careers.

Academic Program Design & Development

We build a unique employer advisory board for each program that defines competencies required by their businesses and appropriate assessments to reflect mastered skills.  Programs are primarily online, and students work at their own pace with the support of faculty and coaches.


We work with employer partners to place their employees in programs.  As well, a variety of digital channels directly target high-caliber working professionals seeking degrees aligned with workforce needs.

Program Delivery & Technology

Students are supported by faculty and coaches in a proprietary competency-based online platform, designed with dashboards and analytics to track and monitor progress.  “Cross disciplinary” and “technical” skills mastered are reflected in competency profiles as students make progress. The platform launches from within any LMS.

Student Services

We build comprehensive student support into each program. For example, in each program, every student has their own success coach that works with the student from enrollment to graduation. The success coach provides academic and non-academic support, resulting in high retention rates and high rates of student satisfaction in Meteor Learning enabled programs.