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The Problem Meteor Learning is Addressing - Pervasive Talent Shortages & Skills Gaps

The world of higher education is being reshaped by adult learners seeking degrees that support their career progression, yet businesses consistently report that college graduates lack the competencies they need to be effective in their jobs - costing employers billions of dollars from productivity losses, lower retention rates, and increased costs of training. 

Today’s workforce is particularly challenged with huge talent shortages and a mismatch of skills in the “Opportunity Jobs” category - positions with $57.5+ salaries. According to’s 2016 Labor Market Outlook, 71% of posted Opportunity Jobs are in categories where employer demand outstrips supply, in part driven by lack of appropriate skills.

While 74% of Opportunity Jobs require a 4-year degree or higher, a disproportionate share of cross-disciplinary competencies are required for Opportunity Jobs, including computer and electronics knowledge, complex problem solving, and social skills. 

Employers Relying on Post-Secondary Institutions to Address Skills Gaps

Employers are increasingly relying on higher education institutions to address the huge skills gaps by delivering a highly skilled, job-ready workforce. Importantly, they expect post-secondary institutions to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees that fill their critical needs for T-shaped employees - those that have deep skills in a given area of expertise combined with the ability to think and apply expertise across topics.  

Institutions’ Challenges in Meeting Employer Needs

For institutions, the pressure is high. They’ve got to deliver new learning models that demonstrate learning outcomes and align degree programs with employers’ requirements. Faced with time, resource, and capital constraints, institutions are often challenged to address the adult learner needs while serving the needs of their traditional students.

Meteor Learning Enables Post-Secondary Institutions to Deliver Workforce-Aligned Degrees

Meteor Learning is addressing the workforce skills gaps by enabling post-secondary institutions to deliver high-quality, workforce aligned degrees for working professionals that seek degrees to support their career progression.

Meteor Learning presents a compelling solution that generates an unprecedented return for post-secondary institutions, employers and working professionals - driving enrollments for institutions with differentiated workforce aligned degrees, closing skills gaps for employers, and supporting career progression for working professionals. 

Our Founders

Meteor Learning was founded by a team of seasoned executives, pioneers in the fields of education technology, e-learning, and higher ed consulting. 

Carol Vallone, Chief Executive Officer

Carol Vallone is a seasoned technology executive with over 30 years’ experience in market-leading companies. Previously, she served as board chair, president and CEO of Wimba Corporation, the global leader in virtual collaboration software for higher education. Carol led and grew the company through successful sale in 2006. She also launched WebCT, Inc. in 1999, the company that defined and delivered the premier e-learning solution for education. As board chair, president and CEO, she built a higher education global customer base of almost 2,000 post-secondary institutions in 70 countries and 14 languages. She led the company from start-up through successful sale in 2006.

Prior to her pioneering efforts in education, Carol held several executive level positions with companies breaking ground in the corporate technology sector.

Carol currently serves on the board of trustees and chairs the Ventures Committee at McLean Hospital - #1 ranked independent psychiatric hospital in the country and major teaching facility of Harvard Medical School. She also serves on the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions, a graduate school for health sciences. For over 10 years, she served on the board of trustees of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council, and chaired the Massachusetts Education Foundation where she spearheaded an effort to re-write the Massachusetts Department of Education’s Instructional Technology Standards with a focus on integrating technology into the curriculum. She annually recognized K-12 instructors whose teaching practices served as models for engaging technology use in STEM disciplines.

She also served as a member of the National School-to-Work Advisory Council during the Clinton Administration, where she worked with the U.S. Secretaries of Labor and Education to integrate college and career activities. Carol has twice testified before the US Congress - for the Web-based Education Commission on the Internet, and for the Distance Learning and the Future of the Research University hearing.


William Rieders, Chief Operating Officer

William Rieders joined Meteor Learning as the COO in 2014 and is a proven innovative and visionary leader with in-depth experience in education, technology, data and analytics, and services.   

William was previously the Executive Vice President at Cengage Learning where he was responsible for numerous strategic and operating roles.  Included in his many accomplishments at Cengage is the successful development and launch of MindTap, driving overall digital from 5% to 30%, conceiving and leading Cengage Brain, a first-of-its-kind direct-to-consumer educational channel, and successfully operating numerous New Media businesses.  Additionally, he successfully completed and integrated numerous acquisitions including National Geographic School Publishing.

William was also a Partner of The Parthenon Group, a leading global strategy consulting firm.  While at Parthenon, he advised numerous clients across industries, including information private equity, publishing and education including some of the most successful for-profit education players in the market.  His work at Parthenon focused on corporate strategy, profit improvement, growth and innovation, and mergers & acquisitions.