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Meteor Learning partners with colleges and universities across the country to develop workforce-aligned degrees that deliver an unprecedented return on education for working professionals. These programs help the adult learners earn degrees that meet career goals and employers improve quality and financial outcomes. 

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In Partnership with Boston College, Meteor Learning helped launch a workforce-aligned Master of Healthcare Administration degree, which is specifically designed for healthcare professionals who are seeking to take on new or expanded leadership opportunities.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that demand for medical and health services managers is projected to increase by 17% between 2014 and 2024, outpacing increases for all other occupations. By offering a new workforce aligned, online Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) degree, Boston College is helping to meet this demand. Designed with critical input from leading industry healthcare professionals, the curriculum is designed in such a way that students master the skills that healthcare employers are looking for when they make hiring and promotion decisions. For experienced healthcare professionals aspiring to expanded leadership roles in the healthcare sector, Boston College is positioned to help them reach their goals.

"The curriculum has already taught me to view and amend aspects of my current strategies around workplace communication, motivation and leadership." - MHA student at Boston College


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Meteor Learning partnered with Houston Baptist University to launch a differentiated online, competency-based RN to BSN program, designed by healthcare employers for busy working professionals.

Based on industry research showing better patient outcomes in settings that employ a higher number of BSN-qualified nurses, The Institute of Medicine has recommended that 80 percent of nurses in the United States hold at least a baccalaureate in nursing (BSN) by the year 2020. BSN penetration in Texas, however, is well below the national target. In addition, Texas is forecasting an increased demand for nurses based on population growth and an aging population. As Texas healthcare employers are taking major steps to increase the BSN workforce, Houston Baptist University (HBU) responded with a 100% online, accelerated, competency-based RN to BSN program. Designed in partnership with local employers, HBU’s RN to BSN program equips nurses with the advanced skills needed to succeed in today’s medical settings.

"The HBU team works with you. They want you to succeed. If you are ready to go forward with your degree, this is the best program for you." - RN-to-BSN student at HBU


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Meteor Learning partnered with Merrimack College to launch an online, competency-based M.Ed. to help working professionals advance their careers and fill districts’ skills gaps.

A substantial portion of education career opportunities are fueled by licensureFor busy teachers in Massachusetts, however, there are limited opportunities to earn a master’s degree while working full-time. Merrimack College’s online, competency-based M.Ed. is convenient for working professionals - allowing students to move quickly through what they already know by demonstrating mastery of skills and knowledge and focusing on what they need to know.  Students can earn a M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction, Elementary Education, English as a Second Language, Moderate Disabilities and can also earn an add-on license in Moderate Disabilities. Merrimack’s M.Ed. was designed in collaboration with leading school districts which insures that teachers are acquiring the skills and knowledge most valuable to school employers. 

"With the online competency-based format, I have the ability to progress at my own pace through the course objectives. As a full-time teacher and mom with two teenage boys, life is pretty busy. Without question, this program has provided the most flexibility of any program I have ever taken."

- M.Ed. student at Merrimack College


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Meteor Learning partnered with Merrimack College to launch online, workforce aligned Master of Science in Data Science and Master of Science in Data Analytics degrees to address the competitive world of data science and business analytics where a master’s degree is a requirement for advanced positions in top companies.

Merrimack’s innovative Data Science and Business Analytics online programs allow students to develop a robust technical, statistical, and scientific foundation while also gaining strong business acumen. In today’s rapidly changing fields of data science and business analytics, these programs were designed with industry leaders to ensure the curriculum is focused on mastering the advanced analytics, business decision making, and data science skills that employers are seeking when making hiring and promotion decisions. 

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