The Problem Meteor Learning is Addressing - Pervasive Talent Shortages & Skills Gaps

The world of higher education is being reshaped by adult learners seeking degrees that support their career progression, yet businesses consistently report that college graduates lack the competencies they need to be effective in their jobs - costing employers billions of dollars from productivity losses, lower retention rates, and increased costs of training. 

Today’s workforce is particularly challenged with huge talent shortages and a mismatch of skills in the “Opportunity Jobs” category - positions with $57.5+ salaries. According to’s 2016 Labor Market Outlook, 71% of posted Opportunity Jobs are in categories where employer demand outstrips supply, in part driven by lack of appropriate skills.

While 74% of Opportunity Jobs require a 4-year degree or higher, a disproportionate share of cross-disciplinary competencies are required for Opportunity Jobs, including computer and electronics knowledge, complex problem solving, and social skills. 

Employers Relying on Post-Secondary Institutions to Address Skills Gaps

Employers are increasingly relying on higher education institutions to address the huge skills gaps by delivering a highly skilled, job-ready workforce. Importantly, they expect post-secondary institutions to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees that fill their critical needs for T-shaped employees - those that have deep skills in a given area of expertise combined with the ability to think and apply expertise across topics.  

Institutions’ Challenges in Meeting Employer Needs

For institutions, the pressure is high. They’ve got to deliver new learning models that demonstrate learning outcomes and align degree programs with employers’ requirements. Faced with time, resource, and capital constraints, institutions are often challenged to address the adult learner needs while serving the needs of their traditional students.

Meteor Learning Enables Post-Secondary Institutions to Deliver Workforce-Aligned Degrees

Meteor Learning is addressing the workforce skills gaps by enabling post-secondary institutions to deliver high-quality, workforce aligned degrees for working professionals that seek degrees to support their career progression.

Meteor Learning presents a compelling solution that generates an unprecedented return for post-secondary institutions, employers and working professionals - driving enrollments for institutions with differentiated workforce aligned degrees, closing skills gaps for employers, and supporting career progression for working professionals.